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Beauty and the Beast before and after computer graphics 

Beauty and the Beast is about a monstrous-looking prince and a young woman who fall in love, this movie surely gave us a visual treat, lets see some images showing before and after effects. 

Image: Funny or die

These days, spectacular computer generated effects sequences are commonplace in everything from big-budget films to television. It had made simple things as a marvellous visuals. 

Image: Funny or die

Image: Funny or die

 Its quite humorous to see the clock and kettle without computer graphics,


Image: Funny or die

In the movie appearence of the Beast was ugly, without cg he isn’t that ugly right? 


Good news to bangalorians!!!

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#beef ban in india

Hi! this is my first post. Beef ban is currently a trending issue in india. People have different views .One says ‘save animal’ others say its an act of taking away one’s right but how many of us know the truth behind this?? Its my opinion recently i read a news that 60 jersey cows are imported from denmark in chennai I felt it wierd because India has good amount of cow population and also it has a  fair economy in beef export but now why is the ban ?? just look upon it deeply the rules which is going to be implemented  now.

  1. To buy a cow there should be a certificate
  2. To sell also there should be a certificate
  3. To nurture it we need a certificate from tashildar 
  4.  And many complications                                                                                     who is nurturing this cows ?our farmers. is it now so easy for them to grow and nurture cows ?? not at all no farmers will take such a risk.They will totally loose their interest in this so eventually  our native cows population decreases and then comes the international bussiness politics  jersey cows will be imported and corporates will  take  over this . Monthly 3000 crores milk is needed in india say one litre milk is 40 rs. monthly 120,000 crores milk is sold.Then for one year it is 14,40,000 crores this is the target by corporates and the govt. is supporting it and people had just started thinking religion ethics but not about this bussiness.Its just my opinion thank you!!